Mr. Scott Bachmann

Hello and welcome to my website. This site is in its infant stages and I hope too be adding more soon, including a better picture! A little bit about myself; this is my 19th year teaching Health and Physical Education at Northland. I received my degree from Bemidji State University and my Masters from St. Catherine's. I have 2 children ages 14 and 16 who keep me very busy when I'm not working.

Contact phone number 218-566-2352 ext.2039

First Semester Schedule:

1st Hour- 7th grade PE
2nd Hour- Kindergarten/1st Grade PE
3rd Hour- Weights and Fitness
4th Hour- Prep
5th Hour- 4th grade PE
6th Hour- 2nd/3rd Grade PE
7th Hour- Team Sports
Office Hours 11:04-12:24

Contact: Scott Bachmann